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Girly, Feminine Glam Makeup Tutorial

Girly, Feminine Glam Makeup Tutorial


Embracing your femininity through makeup can be an empowering and creative process. This tutorial is dedicated to achieving a girly, feminine glam look using specific products and techniques that highlight soft, pink hues and ensure your makeup stays flawless from day to night. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or just want to indulge in a beauty routine, this guide will walk you through each step to create a beautiful, polished appearance.

Starting Your Makeup Routine

Begin your makeup journey by deciding the focus of your look. If you aim for a dramatic eye makeup, start with your eyes to prevent fallout from ruining your foundation. Conversely, for a skin-focused glow, start with your face. Applying a primer, like the Power Grip Primer, followed by a spray such as the Milk Hydro Grip Spray, creates a sticky base that ensures your makeup adheres better and lasts longer. Wait for your skin to become tacky before moving on to foundation, using a product like Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter for a dewy base.

Achieving Full Coverage

For a glam look, apply a thin layer of foundation and use a full-coverage concealer to even out the skin tone and cover any imperfections. The tutorial emphasizes the importance of applying cream contour slightly higher on the cheeks than usual to enhance facial structure, using a specific brush for a blended finish. The Rare Beauty cream blush in a peachy shade adds a natural, flushed look, perfect for a soft, feminine glam.

Eye Makeup for a Girly Glam Look

When it comes to eyes, the tutorial suggests starting with eyeshadow and blush, blending these out and using concealer to brighten and define the area. Setting the under eye with powder ensures your makeup remains crease-free and lasts longer. For eyebrows, a block brow look reminiscent of 2016 trends adds definition and frames the face.

Creating a Soft and Simple Eye Look

The speaker shares their preference for block eyebrows and cool tone shades, guiding viewers through the process of achieving a simple, yet impactful eye look. Using eyeshadow palettes like Major Dimensions and Jaclyn Cosmetics, the tutorial demonstrates how to create a subtle smokey effect, complemented by false lashes for added femininity.

Final Touches for a Perfect Finish

To complete the look, the tutorial covers the application of eyeliner to blend false lashes seamlessly with your natural ones, and the use of white eyeliner to make the eyes appear larger and more awake. A setting spray is essential before moving on to lip color, ensuring your makeup stays put.

Achieving the Ultimate Girly, Feminine Look

The final steps involve applying lip pencil, liquid lipstick, and lip oil to achieve a pouty, feminine look. Light powder and Gucci blush are used for final touch-ups, ensuring a girly and glamorous finish. The tutorial concludes with the application of mascara and a setting spray, showcasing the complete, polished look.

This makeup tutorial is designed to inspire and entertain, guiding viewers through each step to achieve a girly, feminine glam look that feels both luxurious and attainable. With tips on product selection and application techniques, this guide ensures that anyone can create a beautiful, feminine look that celebrates their individuality and style.

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