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Emotional Architecture: The Edge House in West Wales

Emotional Architecture: The Edge House in West Wales

The Art of Emotional Architecture: Crafting the Edge House

Architecture transcends the mere act of constructing spaces; it embodies the creation of experiences, memories, and connections. The Edge house in West Wales is a testament to this belief, designed not just as a dwelling but as a narrative of its inhabitants' lives, dreams, and memories. This article delves into how the architect's deep emotional engagement with the clients' lives inspired a poetic and meaningful architecture that stands on the precipice of innovation and intimacy.

From Tent to Cliffside: A Journey of Fate

The inception of the Edge house is a narrative steeped in destiny. The family's evolution from living in a modest tent to owning a breathtaking cliffside home in Cardigan Bay encapsulates a journey of growth, resilience, and serendipity. This transition is not merely physical but symbolic of the dreams and aspirations that have materialized in the form of their current residence.

Incorporating Memories into the Foundation

The design of the Edge house is deeply personal, integrating the wife's childhood memories into its very structure. The couple's decision to purchase a house on a cliff with an awe-inspiring view was more than an architectural venture; it was an emotional homage to the past, woven into the fabric of their future home.

Maximizing Space, Embracing the Ocean

The architectural challenge of building on a tight footprint was met with innovation and creativity. The use of concrete and fiber cement not only provides the necessary strength against the weather and the cliff's precarious nature but also maximizes living space. The home's design, featuring a powerful entryway leading into a double-height space, offers unobstructed views of the ocean, creating a seamless connection with the natural surroundings. The lower ground floor's design ethos of solidity and protection further accentuates this bond, using concrete and distinctive finishing touches to ensure a fortress-like security without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Creating Intimate Spaces with Ocean Views

The Edge house's guest bedrooms, facing the ocean, are crafted to foster intimate moments and lasting memories. These spaces are not just rooms; they are vistas that invite the ocean in, blending the boundaries between the natural and the built environment.

A Focus on Family and Generational Connections

The house is a celebration of family and the generational ties that bind. The unique design features not only cater to the functional aspects of living but also to the emotional needs of creating a home that will be a part of the family's legacy, fostering connections that transcend time.

The Transformational Power of Color

The decision to paint the house black was a transformative one, bringing the ocean closer, making it an integral part of the home's ambiance. This choice reflects the profound understanding of how color and perception can alter the experience of a space, making the ocean not just a view but a presence that flows into the living spaces.

Trust and Collaboration: The Hallmarks of Great Architecture

The Edge house is not just an architectural achievement but a manifestation of trust between the clients and the architects. The home, available for booking, stands as a testament to the worth of investing in design features that resonate on a personal level. It underscores the belief that great architecture is born out of collaboration, trust, and a deep understanding of the clients' lives and aspirations.

The large room designed for family activities epitomizes the setting's importance, allowing for togetherness amidst diversity of actions. This feature, along with the home's unique design elements, showcases the architects' ability to translate client trust into a living, breathing space that echoes the clients' journey, their memories, and their dreams.

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