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Customize Your Own Vintage-Inspired Undone Watch

Customize Your Own Vintage-Inspired Undone Watch

Undone Watches: Blending Vintage Charm with Modern Customization

Undone has established itself as a unique player in the watch industry, offering an intriguing blend of vintage and modern styles. The brand has gained popularity for its customizable watches, allowing customers to craft a timepiece that resonates with their personal style. A prime example of their craftsmanship is the Basecamp Cali, a watch that exemplifies the perfect fusion of a California-style dial with impressive functionalities like 100m water resistance.

Design and Dimensions: The Vintage Appeal

The Undone Basecamp watch showcases a vintage-inspired design that is both elegant and functional. It features a comfortable 40mm diameter, a 48mm lug-to-lug measurement, a 14.9mm thickness, and a 20mm lug opening compatible with a variety of interchangeable straps. This versatility in design and dimensions makes the Basecamp a suitable accessory for various wrist sizes and personal tastes.

Customization at Its Core

What sets Undone apart is the ability for customers to personalize their watches. You can choose from a range of strap options and customize elements like the case, dial, print, bezel, hands, case back, and strap. The heart of the watch, an SEO nh35a automatic movement, boasts a 40-hour power reserve and operates at 21,600 beats per hour, ensuring reliability and precision in timekeeping.

Luminosity and Crystal: The Highlights

The luminosity (loom) and crystal quality of the Undone watches are remarkable. However, there is a noted scarcity of information on the website regarding these specific features, which can be a point of frustration for potential buyers seeking comprehensive details about the watch's components.

Addressing Performance Issues

While the Undone Basecamp watch scores high on aesthetics, it does present a friction-based issue affecting its timing accuracy. This inconsistency in timekeeping is a crucial aspect for users who rely on their watches for precise time. However, the watch compensates with its well-crafted screw-down crown and an aesthetically pleasing see-through case back, adding to its overall appeal.

Water Resistance and Bezel Functionality

The Basecamp Cali model, despite its appealing design and luminosity, offers only 100m water resistance, which might not be sufficient for serious aquatic activities. Additionally, the bezel's ease of turning could be a concern for those requiring more resistance to avoid accidental adjustments.

Creating a Personal Connection

One of the most endearing aspects of the Undone Basecamp watch is the personal attachment it fosters through customization. The process of selecting various elements to create a watch that is uniquely yours adds an emotional value to the timepiece, making it more than just an accessory.

Room for Improvement: Movement Options

While the current movement option in the Basecamp watch is satisfactory, there is potential for improvement. Incorporating a Nate movement could enhance the watch's appeal to a wider audience, particularly those who value advanced mechanical intricacies in their timepieces.


Undone watches, particularly the Basecamp model, offer a unique opportunity for watch enthusiasts to engage in the creative process of designing their timepiece. While there are areas for improvement, such as providing more detailed information on their website and addressing the timing accuracy, the brand stands out for its blend of vintage charm and modern customization options. It's a watch that not only tells time but also tells a story - your story.

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