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Comparative Review: Oura Ring vs. Ultra Human Ring

Comparative Review: Oura Ring vs. Ultra Human Ring


In the evolving landscape of wearable technology, health-tracking rings offer a unique combination of convenience, functionality, and aesthetics. This article provides a comprehensive review of two prominent products in this category: the Oura Ring and the Ultra Human Ring. Drawing from personal experience, this review delves into various aspects such as design, functionality, accuracy, app usability, and overall value proposition.

Cost and Membership

The Oura Ring's monthly fee was a significant factor in my decision to return it. Despite its advanced health tracking features, the financial commitment required for continued use diminished its appeal. Conversely, the Ultra Human Ring, with its lack of a mandatory monthly fee, presented a more attractive and sustainable option.

Design and Comfort

The design and comfort of a wearable device are crucial for everyday use. My experience with the Oura Ring was marred by discomfort, leading me to prefer the Ultra Human Ring's design and accuracy. The Oura Ring, although comfortable for day-long wear and boasting a minimalistic design, fell short in practicality and elegance compared to traditional accessories. The Ultra Human Ring, with its larger, thicker, and more circular design, offered a better fit and aesthetic appeal for my lifestyle.

Functionality and App Usability

Functionality and app usability significantly impact the user experience of health-tracking devices. The Oura Ring offers fast charging and a user-friendly app, providing detailed metrics on sleep, activity, and body temperature. However, the requirement of a $6 per month membership for full app functionality was a drawback. In comparison, the Ultra Human app offers similar features without a mandatory subscription, adding value through additional benefits like stimulant permissible windows and a circadian body clock.

Accuracy and Fitness Tracking

Accuracy in fitness tracking is paramount for users relying on wearable technology to monitor their health and activity levels. The Oura Ring's workout mode was found lacking in accuracy, and the lack of significant differences in fitness tracking compared to my Apple Watch led to my decision to return the Oura Ring. The Ultra Human Ring, offering nearly identical functions and a more accurate tracking experience, became the preferred choice, especially with the added advantages of the Ultrahuman X premium membership.

Cost-Effectiveness and Value

The decision to switch to the Ultra Human Ring Air was influenced by its lower cost and the availability of a trade-in program, enhancing its overall value proposition. The Oura Ring's app limitations, such as restricted access to heart rate data and a disappointing data download experience, further justified the switch. The Ultra Human Ring's nearly identical functionalities, coupled with the opportunity to try it at a discounted rate, solidified my recommendation for those in the market for a health-tracking ring.


In conclusion, while both the Oura Ring and the Ultra Human Ring offer innovative health tracking capabilities, the latter stands out for its design, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly app experience without the need for a monthly subscription. My journey from the Oura Ring to the Ultra Human Ring highlights the importance of evaluating wearable technology based on personal needs, preferences, and the overall value it brings to one's health and lifestyle.


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