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Article: Casio WS 1700-1a Review

Casio WS 1700-1a Review

Casio WS 1700-1a Review

Introducing the Casio WS 1700-1a

Casio has once again set a benchmark in the realm of budget-friendly watches with the introduction of the WS 1700-1a, potentially the best budget release of 2024. This model encapsulates the essence of what makes Casio watches beloved by many: durability, functionality, and affordability, all while incorporating premium features reminiscent of the G-Shock series.

Design and Durability

The WS 1700-1a boasts a G-Shock square case design, constructed from tough resin plastic, making it not only durable but also lightweight. This design is tailored for marine sports enthusiasts, offering a blend of toughness with a stylish aesthetic that comes in various colors and textures. However, it retains a distinct identity, setting it apart from its predecessors with improvements in both form and function.

Functionality Tailored for Marine Sports

With features like a tide graph and moon phase, the WS 1700-1a is specifically designed for those with a passion for marine sports. These functions provide essential information for planning and enjoying marine activities, making this watch a valuable tool for sailors, surfers, and beachgoers alike.

Comparison with Previous Models

While drawing inspiration from the A500, the WS 1700-1a introduces a more refined design. However, some aspects such as the strap comfort and screen clarity under direct view have received mixed feedback, indicating areas for potential improvement in future iterations.

Practical Considerations

Despite its robust design and array of features, the WS 1700-1a has its drawbacks. The buttons, designed to withstand rugged use, are closely spaced, which may not cater to all users' preferences, especially those with larger fingers, highlighting a need for ergonomic adjustments.

Comprehensive Feature Set

The inclusion of a tide graph, moon phase, stopwatch, countdown timer, three alarms, dual time, and an adjustable backlight ensures that the WS 1700-1a meets the diverse needs of its users. However, its suitability across all wrist sizes is something prospective buyers should consider, given the varying comfort levels reported.

Energy Efficiency and Durability

This model stands out for its cool, retro design and durable construction, requiring no battery replacement for up to 10 years. Its water-resistant capabilities further enhance its appeal to outdoor and marine sports enthusiasts, promising reliability in various environments.

Appeal to a Broad Audience

The Casio WS 1700-1a distinguishes itself with a unique design and tough features that cater to a wide audience. Its versatility and practicality make it an attractive option for anyone looking for a reliable digital watch that combines the best of Casio's budget-friendly offerings with the advanced features of the G-Shock series.

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