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The Meaning of The Ruby Stone:

Of all the precious stones, Ruby has rare energy. For centuries, rubies have signified passion, protection, and wealth. It also has been known to symbolize the sun, and called the inextinguishable flame, It is also a symbol of honor and status.

VERTU’s Ruby Button: Tribute to The Imperial Crown

Crafted in 1838 for Queen Victoria, the British Imperial State Crown glitters like a constellation of stars. The sapphire is said to have come from a ring worn by Edward the Confessor. The spectacular Cullinan II diamond was discovered in South Africa in 1905. And at the center sits a hypnotic gemstone known as ‘The Black Prince’s Ruby’. Symbolizing royalty and power, this crimson stone is the inspiration for the ruby button on the side of the VERTU phone.

How We Make Ruby as a Button?

Before VERTU, no one had tried to use Ruby as a button. We had to start building the machine as a result. We computed a precise key weight of 4.75 carats, a press weight of 120 grammes, and a ruby that is more than capable of withstanding millions of taps after attempting numerous times. The VERTU Signature ruby button was granted a patent by the Swiss government in 2001.

Every time you tap, you can hear the pleasant sound of the hand-cut and set ruby strike pad.
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