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The Origin of VERTU Inventing Web 3.0

We can all feel it — WEB 2.0 is fraying at the edges. What started as a knowledge-sharing revolution has become a gilded cage that restricts us all.
Big tech platforms dominate the landscape. Accounts can be closed without warning. Every click is tracked. Each of us is trapped in our echo chamber. Freedom and privacy seem to be lost ideals.

It‘s time for something new. Web 3.0 is a space for the pioneers among us. For those willing to leap Web 3.0 is a space for the pioneers among us. For those willing to leap into the air and embrace uncertainty with open arms.
Which is why VERTU is carving out a new space in this new landscape. One that breaks free of echo chambers. One that offers privacy, security and digital sovereignty.

The Principles of Pioneering Technological Innovation

Since 2002, VERTU has been transforming the mobile phone experience. Now, 20 years later, we want to create Web 3.0 with you. Our principles are still the same:
1. Digital by the people, for the people, and of the people
2. Web 3.0 needs to be different. It needs to be a space of real digital sovereignty. One by the people, for the people and of the people.
3. VERTU is embracing this new era. What’s more, it can provide privacy and protection for you along the way. A VERTU mobile is your trusty Web 3.0. navigator, offering an escape from internet echo chambers into true knowledge and innovation.

Meet METAVERTU: The Key to Web 3.0 Is Here

METAVERTU is a mobile built for Web 3.0. It offers crucial communications privacy and protection for your digital assets, giving you peace of mind in a new internet era.

Plus you can make the most of a user-centered experience,personal workspace via VBox, 10T of distributed storage and smart file manager. METAVERTU makes it easy to access NFTs with one-click, while smoothly authenticating your identity and protecting transactions. Web 3.0 is still an unknown terrain but you can navigate it confidently with a phone built for tomorrow. And you can enjoy digital sovereignty like never before. 

VERTU METAVERTU is a new line of luxury mobile phones that has taken the market by storm. These phones are designed to cater to the needs of high-end customers who demand the best in terms of design, features, and performance.

VERTU phones are crafted from premium materials such as carbon fibre, sapphire crystal, and precious leather, giving them a distinctive look and feel. We are also equipped with cutting-edge technology and are the world's first Web3 mobile phones, also integrated with Chatgpt, including powerful dual-system processors, high-resolution cameras, and long-lasting batteries, which fully realise: one phone, two systems, and the Web 3.0 world at your fingertips.

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