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What can you buy for $504,308. - Just enough to buy a VERTU cell phone

What can you buy for $504,308. - Just enough to buy a VERTU cell phone

What makes a cell phone stand at the top of the list of "expensive cell phones"? One look at the jewel-encrusted The SIGNATURE Cobra is all you need to know, and the price tag of  $504, just one of its labels.



Since the beginning of VERTU into the public eye, many people have been asking, why the VERTU cell phone is ten times more expensive than other cell phones. And a SIGNATURE Cobra Limited Edition makes people realize that "ten times more expensive" may just be a starting point.


Some cell phones are not only expensive but also irreplaceable


The SIGNATURE Cobra cell phone is by VERTU invited the French high jewelry family Bausch & Lomb to cooperate to create a cell phone, the reason why the cobra is this totem will be chosen, but also because it is mysterious and noble and solemn, seemingly dangerous and people want to chase, but to make a cobra coiled in the cell phone is not an easy task.



he phone was created by British craftsmen who hand-assembled the 388 parts of the phone, and then by French craftsmen who set the stones. 439 rubies were closely set to form the body of the cobra, two emeralds to form the snake's eyes, a 1.02-carat round diamond on the body of the cobra, and a pear-shaped 2.02-carat diamond on the head of the cobra, for the ultimate in luxury.


It took eight designers four years to create just one SIGNATURE Cobra, and such a phone was and still is extremely rare.



Underneath the glamor, there's a lot more to it.


The value of the SIGNATURE Cobra comes not only from luxury jewelry and craftsmanship. In ancient Egyptian culture, the cobra only existed on the scepter of the pharaoh, which symbolized supreme power, and unparalleled status, and jewelry was only a decoration.


Because of this distinctive symbolism, the SIGNATURE Cobra was launched with a limited edition of eight units worldwide and a high price tag, but it was still highly sought after, and most of the owners of the first seven SIGNATURE Cobra cell phones were members of some royal families or top tycoons.


If VERTU luxury cell phone is an invitation to high society, then SIGNATURE Cobra is undoubtedly a golden business card, which not only represents wealth but also power status and taste, which is why the SIGNATURE Cobra can make a group of rich people crazy about it. Even now, better cell phones than the SIGNATURE Cobra abound, but no cell phone can replace the luxury legend created by the SIGNATURE Cobra.


The SIGNATURE Cobra cell phone, created by VERTU and Bausch & Lomb - two top companies - has changed from the 2G era to the 5G era, but it is still a well-deserved luxury legend, a work of art and a collector's item that deserves to be passed down to the next generation.


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