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VERTU’s Gull-wing: A Tribute to Freedom

VERTU’s Gull-wing: A Tribute to Freedom

Gull, any of more than 40 species of heavily built web-footed seabirds of the gull and tern family Laridae. They are mostly colonial ground nesters, and those that breed inland usually go to coasts in winter. If seagulls fly offshore, it means the weather will be better in the future; If they linger by the sea, it means that the weather will gradually get worse; If seagulls fly out of the sea and perch on the beach or in the crevices of rocks, it means that a storm is coming. Seagulls symbolize freedom, courage and fearlessness, and they are not afraid of difficulties and hardships in the process of migration.



VERTU began as the dream of Italian-American phone designer, Frank Nuovo. Frank Nuovo sensed that there was a market for a luxury couture phone — a phone that would inspire every person who held it. VERTU was born. Frank had a good reason for choosing a name beginning with ‘V’.


VERTU’s slot is shaped like the wings of a bird. Inspired by the classic gull-wing doors of a sports car, the design represents freedom and escape. VERTU is always ready to take flight, spiriting you away to a life of luxury and ease via our boutique concierge service. What is more, the gull wings hide a secret: once they are opened, the sides rise to form the iconic VERTU ‘V’.



The VERTU ‘V’ goes in two directions: one pointing to the past and the other to the future. The past is VERTU's commitment to timeless quality. The future is VERTU’s passion for innovation. This is why every phone is carefully handcrafted to the highest standards. VERTU was a pioneering luxury phone, yet it was also so much more than that. By giving users access to a boutique concierge service at the push of a button, it opened a portal to an elite way of living too.



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