Haute Couture, a controversial high-frequency fashion term.

Sometimes it appears in the gaudy press releases of fashion stars, sometimes in the colorful signboards of street-side tailor stores. What exactly does it refer to in the present day, when it is being chewed over and over again?



Haute Couture

Haute Couture is French, Haute means high class, Couture means sewing, embroidery and other crafts, together is now called haute couture, created by Charles Frederic Worth, the father of modern clothing design.

Later, the more serious French even set up a guild to measure whether a piece of work belongs to "haute couture". The guild not only examines the skill and creativity of the designers, but also evaluates whether their studios and production processes meet a series of stringent requirements, including working hours, technology, materials and other aspects. Therefore, only designers who have passed the Guild's scrutiny and been certified can have their creations officially labeled as "haute couture".



When international luxury brands that we know well create high fashion, they do not mass produce and sell them, but rather, they are selected and purchased by their important customers. Because of this threshold, only fashion celebrities or stars who are big enough, have collaborated with the brand, or have a good enough relationship with the brand can borrow a high-fashion dress to attend an event.

It is even more difficult to purchase a Haute Couture dress because it is a two-way selection process, and being defined as a "customer with sustained spending power" is considered a step closer to Haute Couture.

Heavy crystal embroidery, beaded embroidery, filigree inlay, and every craft used in the clothing has been refined, showing the ultimate taste of the designers, and putting you in the most prosperous Vanity Fair of the fashion world.



But now it is not France can only come out of high definition, do high definition also do not know is clothing. As early as twenty years ago, VERTU set up a workshop in London to start doing cell phone high definition.

Every detail of the phone is polished in the spirit of a gentleman

What makes a gentleman? A perfectly tailored suit? A clipped British accent? A public school education? 

VERTU has its own idea of a gentleman. It is all about character. And courage. And a certain classic elegance. This is why we opened our artisan workshop in Hampshire, home of historic Winchester College. It’s a place where the spirit of chivalry seems  
to fill the air. 


Yet we also believe that anyone can be a gentleman. It isn’t about background — you can express refinement through exquisite taste and style. 

You can express it with VERTU.


In this era of change, the spirit of Haute Couture has not disappeared. On the contrary, it has taken on a new life in VERTU's cell phones.

VERTU integrates Haute Couture techniques and gentleman's spirit into the production of cell phones, which is the crystallization of the intersection of the art of haute couture and contemporary communication technology, leading people to open a unique and intoxicating journey through British culture.

 Just as what Haute Couture pursues- mankind's inexhaustible desire for beauty, reverence for superior craftsmanship, and cherishing traditional culture-this exploration from ancient times to the present day has never been obscured by time.

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