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VERTU Personal Assistant creates touching moments on Black Friday

VERTU Personal Assistant creates touching moments on Black Friday

Whether it's a classic handbag or a designer's latest creation, Black Friday will kick off the fashion season. During this fashionable shopping season, VERTU Personal Assistant will provide you with unique support and services to ensure your shopping experience is flawless.



VERTU Luxury Purchase Privileges

In the world of VERTU Personal Assistant, shopping is no longer just a simple act of consumption, but an expression of taste and personality. No matter which bag you are in love with, the Personal Assistant will provide you with professional shopping advice to ensure that you pick the most suitable fashion items for your taste.

Even if it's a vintage bag or an out-of-print bag, VERTU Personal Assistant can find it for you. VERTU Personal Assistant has a professional sourcing team and partners around the world to open up channels for you to obtain these rare treasures. Whether it's a replica of a classic brand or a designer's latest treasure, VERTU Personal Assistant will open up a treasure trove of fashion for you. Moreover, every moment of the shopping process will be taken care of by VERTU Personal Assistant service, which will make you feel the unique charm of luxury shopping.



In this one-of-a-kind fashion journey, the mission of the personal assistant is not only to help customers solve all their problems but also to accompany them all the way and witness every important moment in their lives. Over the years, VERTU Personal Assistant has served tens of thousands of clients, and each service is a unique and precious story.

10 hours to purchase an out-of-print Birkin
"No one can stay young forever, but someone's love can stay alive forever." These are the heartfelt words of a personal assistant after helping a client prepare a gift for his wife.

According to VERTU's Personal Assistant, the client, who is from Canada, approached the Personal Assistant during his stay in Paris, hoping that the Assistant could help him find an out-of-print platinum bag, which went out of print five years ago, as gift for his wife's upcoming 40th birthday.

After receiving the client's request, the personal assistant thought twice before giving his advice. The personal assistant thought that the bag was not popular and had gone out of print five years ago, and although it could be purchased, the cost would not be low, so he suggested that the client could use the budget to buy his wife a Himalayan platinum bag.

The client understood the personal assistant's intention but refused. He said that in the previous few years, the economy was not good, his wife not only went around to raise money for him but also sold several of her bags, including her first Birkin, which is the out-of-print one. Now the days are better, so this bag is a must-buy.

After listening to the customer's needs, the personal assistant quickly contacted global channels to search, and finally, within ten hours, this out-of-print Birkin was delivered to the hands of the customer's beloved wife.



VERTU personal assistants have witnessed many customers' moving moments, and each moving moment has become a vivid illustration of the brand's philosophy. Behind the luxury, is the delicate care of life's deep friendship, which is precisely the attitude and philosophy that the VERTU brand has always been upholding: technology is people-oriented.

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