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VERTU × Carina Sohl: unifying the forces of nature with technology

VERTU × Carina Sohl: unifying the forces of nature with technology

Carina Sohl is a Swedish leather designer. In October 2006, when she was on a daily walk by the sea, she found a beautiful half-decayed leaf on the ground. Delighted by the details and the fantastic shape of the leaf, she got inspired by nature’s art. “I wanted to freeze the moment and eternalize the fine lines”. At that moment, she started a special connection between art and nature.


Since then, Carina Sohl has set out to establish a special connection between art and nature by practicing artistic creation with leaves and flowers in her studio. After making unremitting endeavors, she has developed an eco-friendly method of designing and hand-embossing relief patterns on leather, using natural hand-picked plants, transferring fine leaf details onto leather patterns, and creating unique pieces. In this way, she produced luxury hand-embossed leather with incredible fineness.


VERTU has established a pioneering position in the field of mobile luxury goods but also brings a piece of luxurious art jointly with international artists. Inspired by the beauty of nature, VERTU ASTER LEAF is created in collaboration with Carina Sohl and unifies the forces of nature with technology.


The wild raspberry leaves used in VERTU ASTER LEAF are hand-picked by Carina in the Swedish countryside. The process of creating aniline leather with embossed floral patterns starts with handpicking the wild natural plants and selecting the best leaves to work. These are then pressed with several pieces of leather for eight hours on a large press. Following this, the leaves are carefully removed, leaving the pattern of their small delicate intertwining veins embossed into the leather.



To obtain the best results with innovative and artistic craft techniques, it’s important to use the highest leather quality. Each ASTER LEAF mobile features beautiful wild raspberry leaves embossed onto soft aniline leather, which is used in the VERTU range for the first time. The soft touch of the high-quality leather is also irresistible.



Meanwhile, the pattern is also engraved onto the phone’s metal casing, and the phone is equipped with five exclusive nature wallpapers, making this exquisite design throughout every detail to explore the possibilities and limitations of nature and retain natural beauty in the leather patterns.



VERTU pays attention to high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Based on Carina Sohl’s superb craftsmanship and beautiful design, VERTU ASTER LEAF is close to nature. When you see its clear vein texture and feel its soft and delicate texture leather, you will sense how VERTU interprets elegance and pursues perfection.


With exquisite craftsmanship, fantastic shapes of the leaf, unique leather patterns, and soft aniline leather, the VERTU ASTER LEAF is a valuable gift for you to express your sincere blessings.



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