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VERTU and Vanuatu tribes famous for worship of Prince Philip

VERTU and Vanuatu tribes famous for worship of Prince Philip

From the prince in exile to the man behind the Queen, Prince Philip's life can be said to have had its ups and downs. Two years after his death, the world seems to be drifting into oblivion, but not so for Vanuatu and VERTU.

A hero's journey.

Ever since the Queen met the Prince at the age of 13, she was mesmerized by his presence, as the Prince was indeed too handsome for his own good back then, and completely starstudded in his handsomeness. But at that time, he was nothing but handsome, and a solid Greek prince. He was also 26 when the Queen married him, and at the wedding, he promised to be faithful to her forever. In 1974, Prince Philip visited the South Pacific island of Vanuatu with Queen Elizabeth. The people of Vanuatu regarded him as the son of their legendary mountain god. They also believed that Prince Philip would bring them happiness. Yet it was Vanuatu that brought happiness to the prince.

VERTU — a phone fit for royalty

Far away from rainy London, Prince Philip found a peaceful island paradise. Strolling along its sands, he was free of the thorny problems of royal life for a while.

Just like the prince, all successful people face problems and challenges.  They all need a little bit of breathing space. Which is why VERTU was created to be like a royal sword, cutting awaylife’s thorns.

Accessed via a ruby button, VERTU’s boutique concierge service offers a smooth‘British butler’experience at your fingertips.


By pushing the jewel, you can arrange your own escape to a paradise island. You can be free.



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