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Article: Seasons of Luxury: A Harmonious Blend of Nature's Elements and Cellphone Design

Seasons of Luxury: A Harmonious Blend of Nature's Elements and Cellphone Design

Seasons of Luxury: A Harmonious Blend of Nature's Elements and Cellphone Design

In the vast world of lacquer, Japan's Kazumi Murose stands out as a unique artist whose life is like a colorful scroll outlining the beauty of the art over a long period of time. Following in the footsteps of the traditional masters, he has studied the essence of lacquer in depth, infusing this ancient art into his soul.


Kazumi Murose is not content with tradition, but courageously innovates on the basis of inheritance. He challenged the boundaries of traditional lacquer and brought it into the glittering arena of modern art. His works are not just simple handicrafts, but also artistic expressions, a perfect fusion of lacquer tradition and modern aesthetics.



In his works, lacquer and color intertwine to create picturesque images, as if they were subtle changes in nature. Each work is a unique interpretation of his life and emotions, and through the layers and textures of lacquer, he draws a map of emotions deep in his soul.


Kazumi Murose's lacquerworks have won numerous awards and have earned him recognition in the international art world. His name has now become an indispensable presence in the field of lacquer, representing an exemplary fusion of tradition and modernity.


In his journey towards excellence, Kazumi Murose has been a flag-bearer of the art of lacquer, and his story is one of a period of persistent pursuit of art, as well as cherishing and passing on traditional culture. His life, like his works, is full of depth, mystery, and brilliant luster. In the mysterious world of lacquer, art and skill intertwine and converge into a unique luxury, VERTU establishes a gorgeous encounter with traditional lacquer.



Lacquer represents the essence of ancient oriental culture, which is a reverence for time and the pursuit of meticulous craftsmanship. This ancient and mysterious technique has been baptized over the years and is now introduced into the design of high-end cell phones. It is not only a choice of material, but also a tribute to traditional culture, a sublime expression of cultural heritage.


In VERTU's design, lacquer becomes a unique artistic language. The back panel of the phone is like a delicate canvas, the texture and layers of the lacquer outline a beautiful pattern, and every trace is a trace of the artist's craftsmanship. The use of lacquer not only enhances the appearance of the phone, but also presents the user's taste.


In this fusion, VERTU has worked closely with Kazumi Murose to create a unique piece of cell phone art - the VERTU Signature Auspicious. Lacquer gives the VERTU Signature Auspicious a soul, making it a true piece of A true work of art that celebrates traditional culture.



VERTU has created a beautiful blend with the technique as if it were joining hands with the four seasons. The appearance of the phone seems to be a canvas painted with lacquer, the softness of spring, the splendor of summer, the depth of autumn and the elegance of winter are presented in each phone. Not only that, the craftsmanship behind the phone is a tribute to the craftsmanship of lacquer, and each process is like a masterpiece of handmade art, delicately carved.


This fusion does not only stop at the appearance, but also deeply penetrates into the experience of using the phone. The operation of the phone is like the changing of the seasons, with the lightness of spring, the flexibility of summer, the depth of fall, and the simplicity of winter. The technique plays a subtle role in embellishing this, making the phone a work of art, and every use a romp through the seasons.


This unique blend is not only noticeable in appearance, but also in the user experience. The feeling is as smooth as silk, and every touch is a perception of art. The nobility of lacquer and the exquisite craftsmanship of VERTU Signature Auspicious complement each other to create a feast of luxury and art.


The combination of VERTU and traditional lacquer is not only a respect for technology, but also an inheritance of traditional culture. VERTU Signature Auspicious turns the electronic device into a mobile work of art, and the glory of lacquer art makes it emit a unique oriental flavor and become a symbol of noble life.


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