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Article: Pioneering to the End, Boucheron's " Mind-Blowing " Creation of High Beads!

Pioneering to the End, Boucheron's " Mind-Blowing " Creation of High Beads!

Pioneering to the End, Boucheron's " Mind-Blowing " Creation of High Beads!

Recently, Boucheron, the French fine jewelry house with unique taste, is pleased to announce that young actor and singer Xiao Zhaoban has become its global brand ambassador.



Hélène Poulit-Duquesne, Boucheron's Global Executive President, believes that Xiao Zhan is a perfect fit for the brand's image and spirit and that the partnership with Xiao Zhan will further enhance Boucheron's presence in the Asia-Pacific region. But even without a celebrity endorsement, Boucheron has made a strong impression on the public with avant-garde jewelry products such as the "Just an Illusion" necklace and the VERTU Signature Cobra Limited Edition cell phone!


Pleasure and luxury are not mutually exclusive


The "Just an Illusion" necklace, inspired by comic books, is a large chain link necklace that makes it easy to become the center of attention, with a light and flexible flat design that creates an optical illusion, and a strong contrast between orange and blue, giving you a sense of the exaggeration and wonder of the second dimension.


Inspired by the Rubik's Cubes we used to play with as children, the “Solve Me” necklace is a complete deconstruction of the childhood toy that used to break our hearts, with grey and pink spinels, pink sapphires and diamonds pavé-set into the façade of a tiny "Rubik's Cube", and mother-of-pearl with a glowing effect that reveals the six sides of the cube in a variety of colors and textures.



Cell phones can be the luxury

In 2009, to commemorate Boucheron's 150th anniversary, the jewelry brand Boucheron, which has always been known for its bold designs, played another big game. This time, instead of designing jewelry, it launched a luxury phone - VERTU Signature Cobra Limited Edition.

Explaining the design features of the Cobra phone, VERTU's Chief Designer excitedly said, "The essence of the VERTU Boucheron 150th Anniversary Special Edition is that it reflects the characteristics shared by both brands. It is based on the VERTU Signature but breaks away from the traditional core design concepts and breaks the mold of cell phone design in a stunning gesture, resulting in a truly sculptural masterpiece."



In ancient Egypt, the noble cobra was said to guard the gates of the underworld and protect royals from their enemies.

When VERTU Signature Cobra was launched, complete with an elegant snake emblem to guard the golden handset night and day. This secretive scarlet serpent is made of 439 rubies. Its piercing emerald eyes warn away those who might dare to touch the two diamonds it protects.


And with 388 hand-assembled parts and a sapphire screen, this is a couture mobile fit for royalty.


If King Tutankhamun or Queen Nefertiti were here today, we think Cobra would be their phone of choice.


Each of the gold components of this unparalleled handset is meticulously crafted from solid gold ingots, requiring more than 1,000 man-hours to cut and shape, more than 700 man-hours to hand-polish, and more than 500 man-hours to hand-assemble.

The intricate concave design of the sapphire crystal keypad and the more than 400 points on its surface are a far cry from the typical flat surfaces of this precious material, and present a challenge to even the most skilled craftsmen in the manufacturing process. But it is no longer a secret that VERTU is beyond luxury.



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