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Omega & VERTU: Designed to Satisfy Men's Love in Adventure

Omega & VERTU: Designed to Satisfy Men's Love in Adventure

Splendor and adventure have always gone hand in hand.

In the unpredictable depths of the ocean, humans may face the physiological challenges of oxygen deprivation, high pressure and over-inflation of the lungs, but the silence and freedom that the ocean offers and the sense of fulfillment that comes with a breakthrough is even more captivating.


Just this August, Russian freediver Alexei Molchanov set a new single-flipper constant weight (CWT) freediving world record - 136m, three meters deeper than his record in July - and it was those three meters that raised the ceiling of human limits just a little bit higher.

The deep sea knows no limits, and the adventure of human beings pushing the limits never stops, nor does the protection of challengers and their courage. There are underwater timing tools to face the limits, and there are test standards set by VERTU cell phones to cope with every dangerous scenario.


The Beginning of Discovering the Limits

Water resistance and precision are of paramount importance when it comes to timepieces used in diving. OMEGA pioneered the use of the crown to simultaneously wind the watch and set the time, and it was this new assembly of the crystal and case that greatly enhanced the watch's diving performance.

In 1932, OMEGA launched the Marine, a watch with a unique double-layered case design that not only passed water-resistance tests in real-world conditions at 73 meters underwater in Lake Geneva but also subsequently passed tests at the Watchmaking Research Laboratory in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, where it was water-resistant to a depth of 135 meters.



During the ensuing World War II, OMEGA delivered more than 110,000 watches to the air force, navy, and army soldiers of the British Ministry of Defense, and the real-life experience of the military in different environments helped OMEGA make rapid advances in the areas of waterproofness, anti-magnetic resistance and ruggedness of its timepieces, creating a range of watches that could stand up to the rigors of extreme conditions.

A standard for exploring the limits

There are always people pushing the limits of what is humanly possible, but there is also one man who has always roamed the limits of what is humanly possible. This person is the great detective Sherlock Holmes, who has hovered on the edge of life and death time and time again, so what is a suitable cell phone for Sherlock Holmes to use?


The great detective Sherlock Holmes comes from the British aristocracy, beauty, is his first requirement. Of course, as a great detective, Holmes also has higher requirements for the practicality of cell phones.

In The Last Case, Holmes leaps from Reichenbach Falls with his nemesis Moriarty. Moriarty falls into the abyss, but Holmes survives.

As a result, VERTU has introduced its own testing standards:

Drop and tumble tests;

High and low temperature tests at 70 degrees Celsius and -5 degrees Celsius for one week;

A ball bearing drop test (where a ball bearing is dropped onto the phone screen from a height of around 1 meter);

Finally, a 30-minute vibration test in water.

Even for Sherlock Holmes, who is often in danger, VERTU is still the most reliable partner on the edge of life and death partner.




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