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ASCENT Ferrari series: the crystallization of super sports car and luxury cell phone

ASCENT Ferrari series: the crystallization of super sports car and luxury cell phone

Every luxury cell phone series of VERTU is full of the brand's pursuit of "extreme": extreme materials, extreme craftsmanship ... and extreme speed.

The VERTU ASCENT series is the second generation of luxury cell phones launched by VERTU, and is also VERTU's new interpretation of the extreme.

The ASCENT series is inspired by Ferrari supercars, whose power, energy and superior precision engines are the source of inspiration for the ASCENT cell phones.

Ferrari red sprot car is running


The first encounter between a luxury cell phone and a top-of-the-line sports car

When the exhilarating resonance sound comes from the speakers on both sides of the body, the imported leather no longer belongs only to the supercar, but also becomes a part of the body, an ASCENT phone summarizes VERTU's ultimate pursuit.

ASCENT cell phone's entire body streamline and sports car streamline design echo, visual undulation smooth and silky, dual-side speaker ports and sports car cooling air vents similar, as if it can convey the temperature of the sports car after speeding; battery plate release cover on the key port resembles the gas cap of the sports car, the back cover of the rivet design references the rivets of the body of the sports car, both aesthetic and power; leather, ASCENT series adopts high-quality Nordic cowhide, the leather is the same as that on the steering wheel of a famous sports car, which is more wear-resistant and comfortable in the hand.

VERTU x FERRARI phone: ferrari horse logo on VERTU ASCENT phone

The cross-border crystallization of VERTU and Ferrari

The ASCENT Ferrari limited-edition series is VERTU's first cross-border collaboration and the first time that two top companies have joined forces.
The sporty concept of the VERTU ASCENT series and FERRARI, the world's top sports car brand, coincide, and this cross-generation product was launched under a one-two punch.

The ASCENT Ferrari series continues the design concept of the ASCENT series, where the fervor for extreme speed is transformed into a symbolic symbol that constitutes the valiant appearance belonging to the ASCENT Ferrari series.

VERTU X FERRARI phone: details of phone back

The ASCENT Ferrari series adds the iconic Ferrari leaping horse pattern on the bottom of the phone, the leather on the back cover antenna is made of sports car steering wheel leather specially provided by Ferrari, and the metal back cover on the back of the body is inlaid with a gas pedal.

The overall design of the fuselage is a subtle fusion of the spiritual concepts of the two brands, and the classic red and yellow color scheme of the phone and Ferrari's unique booming ringtone are a revelation for fans of the two brands.

The first cross-border cooperation between VERTU and Ferrari, a strong alliance between luxury cell phones and top-class sports cars, embraces speed and change, speeding forward all the way.

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