VERTU concierge service: what exactly is it?

VERTU concierge service: what exactly is it?

VERTU concierge service: what exactly is it?

Over the years, VERTU concierge service has become increasingly mysterious to the public, and highly praised among VERTU users. So, what exactly is VERTU’s exclusive concierge service? Are they highly intelligent AI or mysterious superpower-like people? Well, stay tuned. Let’s find out.

The history of VERTU: one unique luxury brand

VERTU is a luxury mobile phone brand that was born out of Nokia and formed by British culture. In 1998, Nokia had a vision — to create the world's first-ever luxury phone. In 2002, VERTU was officially established in England, as the pearl in Nokia's crown. It embodies the essence of Englishness with all of its unique charm. It embraced both the traditional and the cutting-edge. After 21 years it always innovating, yet always pleasingly familiar.

VERTU phones are all handmade and can be customized with any look you want, such as having diamonds or gemstones set on them, or having your name engraved on them.

VERTU launched its first flagship phone ‘Signature’ in 2003. Its keypad contains nearly 5 carats of ruby bearings. When you press the Red Ruby on the side of the mobile, you’ll be connected to VERTU’s exclusive concierge service. VERTU was the pioneering luxury phone, yet it was also so much more than that. By giving users access to a unique concierge service at the push of a ruby key button, it opened a portal to an elite way of living too.


the history of Vertu


What is VERTU concierge: your private butler

When Nokia Design Chief Frank Nuovo was creating VERTU, he knew two things - he wanted to create a mobile phone that offered a truly human experience. And he wanted to create one accessible for every age, including his 77-year-old father. What if he could design a simple system that would connect VERTU users to an English butler-style personal concierge service, 24-7? The iconic VERTU ruby button was born.

Inspired by the Queen’s Imperial State Crown and Dorothy’s ruby slippers, VERTU users can press a jeweled button and get immediate assistance. From booking a flight to finding the perfect birthday gift, VERTU’s personal assistants have answered thousands of requests in the past 20 years. VERTU’s concierge service is so much more than a mobile phone feature - it opens the door to an elite way of life.

What services can VERTU concierge provide for you: anything you can imagine

On the 1st of September 2002, the VERTU concierge service received its first request to book a ticket from London to New York. It all began with a customer pushing the ruby button on the side of the VERTU phone. “May I help you, sir?”, asked the London agent. VERTU personal assistants were ready to serve. The client later told us that the moment he arrived at the airport VIP lounge, he realized that the ruby button really could make wishes come true.

With VERTU's concierge service, you could ask for almost everything. For example, to reserve a restaurant table for you, order food items to your home, get information, book tickets for travel, plan events, and many more. You are given VIP access to various clubs if you own a VERTU. You’re treated with the utmost respect by VERTU Concierge customer care executives. You're probably thinking, "That must be an expensive service, right?" Not really, as long as you own any VERTU phone you can get the service for free for one year. After one year, the VERTU concierge service will cost $3000 a year.


vertu concierge demo phone


VERTU’s concierge service isn’t just there to help customers solve their problems - it also lets us walk through life with them, every step of the way. On the 15th of December 2018, 10 days before the NBA Warriors and the Lakers Christmas Day play-off, a VERTU member called their personal assistant with a very special request. They wanted to propose to their girlfriend at the game. The client told us that he and his girlfriend had been together since their schooldays. Now he wanted to give her a romantic proposal to remember. During the game interval, VERTU arranged for the song ‘Kiss Me’ to play. A spotlight shone on our client as he made a romantic proposal that was seen around the globe. Hundreds of domestic and foreign media platforms reported on the story. Most importantly, his girfriend said yes.

Here is a story from a Canadian client. “A few years ago, my wife and l went through a time of hardship. She sold several of her treasured Birkin bags to help me out. Now we’re on holiday in Paris for her 40th birthday and I want to surprise her with a special Platinum Birkin. Can you help? ” As always, the VERTU concierge was keen to assist. Yet there was just one problem the limited-edition Platinum Birkin had been discontinued five years before. It was now very difficult to find. But thankfully, nothing is too difficult for a VERTU concierge. They began searching the globe for the rare bag and, within 10 hours, it had been found and couriered to the customer’s wife. The couple had a wonderful holiday in Paris and the VERTU personal assistant got the satisfaction of making a customer smile, once again.

Over the past two decades, there are many more stories between VERTU clients and VERTU concierge service. Today, at a time when AI is all the rage, it is precise because of the desire to bring warm service to customers that VERTU has continued to provide flesh-and-blood real-life assistant service.



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