METAVERTU Web3, which takes you to the Web 3.0 world

METAVERTU Web3, which takes you to the Web 3.0 world

Web3 phone is the future - its emergence has created a new possibility for the Internet, that is, it allows people to communicate privately on the Internet as easily as they do offline, and without data being monitored and traded by Internet giants. Web3 phone is an indispensable step for people to enter the Web3.0 era.

This blog post will start with an explanation of web3.0, and then take you to understand the relationship between Web3 mobile phones and web3.0 technology and how it brings you into the brand new Web3.0 world.

What is Web3.0 - an easy explanation in 2 min

In fact, there is no unified definition of what web3.0 is. It is still evolving and being defined. The latest version of web3.0 concept was proposed by Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum in 2014. And with the boom of Metaverse in 2021, Web3.0 has again received extensive attention and become one of the hottest Internet buzzwords.

The core features of Web 3.0 are decentralization, strong initiative and multi-dimensional. It will open a new personalized network era. You may still be thinking, "What the heck is web 3.0?" Don’t worry, let's dive into what Web1 and Web2 are first.


web1 vs web2 vs web3


Web1.0(1990-2004): It is the original internet that only displays information but we can’t interact with it. We can't comment, repost, like, or friend each other, and of course, there are no Internet ads at this time.

Web2.0(2004-2014): Web 2.0 makes the development of interactive platforms possible, such as Facebook and YouTube. At this time, a large number of user-generated content appears, and people can distribute and share data between various platforms and applications. However, things are not as rosy as they seem. Big technology companies will know all your online behaviors by storing your data, so as to recommend things you may be interested in to earn advertising fees. Simply put, your data has actually become a hidden commodity.

Web3.0(2014-): The current Web 3.0 of popular consensus is based on the decentralization of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the development of non-fungible tokens(NFT). Unlike the 2.0 era where data was stored in a single database or cloud provider, Web 3.0 is dedicated to a user-owned, user-built web ecosystem that either runs on a blockchain or point-to-point. The keyword of web 3.0 is "decentralization", which means that you can not only read and write your own data, but also own your data completely, and big tech companies can no longer buy and sell your data and tamper with it.

What is the relationship between Web3 and Web3 phone?

Although 2014 is the first year of Web 3.0, it does not mean that we have now fully entered Web 3.0 today in 2023. Because a completely decentralized network does not exist, but a partially decentralized network may have emerged in certain groups, and the core of the vehicle to achieve this vision is an alternative cell phone - Web3 phone.

So, why do we need a Web3 phone? Can’t we have Web3 experience through other regular cell phones? The World Advertising Research Center (WARC) has predicted that 72.6% of internet users or nearly 3.7 billion people will access the web via smartphones by 2025. Therefore, Web3 needs to go mobile to be mainstreamed. It’s inevitable.


metavertu nft function demo


In addition, Web3 phones can provide users with Dapp (Decentralized APP). At present, although there are some Dapps on traditional mobile phones, they are often "incompatible" with the philosophy of traditional cell phones. For example, there are NFT APPs such as Opensea on iPhones, but Apple requires a 30% "Apple Tax" on every NFT transaction. The bottom line is that Apple and traditional Android phones are "centralized institutions", and their essence is almost always for centralized APPs and companies, and this contradiction is deeply rooted, making the emergence of Web3 phones a necessity.

What can Web3 phones do?

As mentioned earlier, decentralization is the main feature of Web3, and blockchain is the fundamental core. Therefore, the biggest difference between Web3 phone and the ordinary cell phone is that it can become a blockchain node, building a Web3-based behavioral value internet and returning user rights to the individual. With this game-changing phone, each user will have a new, unique identity with full anonymity and security.

The world's first true Web3 phone is METAVERTU, released by VERTU in 2022. The ‘Metaspace’ in METAVERTU lets you switch between web2 and web3 with just one click, and this space has been encrypted to ensure it is protected from hackers. In addition, METAVERTU divides Web3 and Dapps by layers in the Metaspace and uses a clear navigation system so that users can easily find what they are looking for. All in all, this Web3 mobile phone allows you to experience blockchain technology, mining, NFT, etc. while giving you enough security and privacy.

Web3 is the future, and Web3 phone is a big part of this. Will you be a trailblazer or a gawker?


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