A guide to METAVERTU: the first Web3 phone of the world

A guide to METAVERTU: the first Web3 phone of the world

METAVERTU is the first smartphone built exclusively for Web3 and blockchain ecosystems. As the first-ever innovation to tap Web3 and metaverse services into a mobile phone, METAVERTU allows users to switch between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 modes with a simple click.

Over the past two decades, VERTU has created many industry firsts: sapphire screens, titanium frames, precious metals, gemstone buttons, ceramic earpieces, leather casings, concierge services and more. The road to success hasn’t always been smooth - there have been peaks and troughs along the way. But we have always returned with a fresh new vision. Our revolutionary new phone METAVERTU has received a lot of attention from all over the world since it was released on October 25.


METAVERTU web3 phone collection

What exactly is the METAVERTU?

We can all feel that Web 2.0 is fraying at the edges. This is why VERTU is carving out a new space in the new Web 3.0 landscape to redefine luxury and digital sovereignty. METAVERTU is the world’s first Web3 phone and blockchain smartphone. It offers crucial communications privacy and protection for your digital assets, giving you peace of mind in a new internet era. 

METAVERTU is embedded with a customized CNCOS operating system, which is a "chip-terminal-chain-system-service" that combines a chip, intelligent terminal, blockchain, operating system and high-end services in one phone. And METAVERTU mobile phone is equipped with blockchain infrastructure, which can serve as a perfect starting point for users' digital sovereignty and can truly help users create and realize value.

How to enter the Web3 world through METAVERTU?

Web 3.0 is still an unknown terrain but you can navigate it confidently with a phone built for tomorrow. METAVERTU has built-in luxury OS and Web3.0 OS dual systems. Users can switch between the dual systems at will. The convenient operation is parallel to the Internet technology. One mobile phone can enjoy two worlds, realizing a more intelligent and more comfortable operation experience. If you are new to Web3, don’t worry, the phone is powered by a voice assistant which will answer to Web3-related questions alongside basic features.

Is METAVERTU security guaranteed?

Of course, the VERTU METAVERTU is equipped with Web 3.0 security algorithm encryption, five-fold security, global data security compliance certification, and a comprehensive guarantee of data privacy and security. 

In detail, 1. It is equipped with an independent security chip, which can provide users with hardware-level security protection; 2. All users will have their own unique tokens in the VERTU world due to the decentralized identity SBT function; 3. The VALUE wallet will encrypt and protect the user's assets; 4. VERTU's unique VTALK realizes point-to-point encrypted communication. 5. VSHOT, the NFT copyright camera, empowers you to brand the photo with the creator's stamp with one click, so that each of your photos will have a unique NFT copyright.




Plus, the METAVERTU Web3 phone can give you the most of a user-centered experience, personal workspace via VBox, 10T of distributed storage and a smart file manager. It is easy to access NFTs with one click, while smoothly authenticating your identity and protecting transactions. 

How about the hardware configuration of METAVERTU?

This 5G flagship METAVERTU phone, in addition to Web3.0 features, has a very bright performance configuration with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8GEN1 chip, 18GB running memory + 1TB internal storage + 10TB (10,000GB) distributed storage, IMX78735mm main camera + 9x optical telephoto camera + 116° wide-angle camera, 2400* 1080 resolution, 144 Hz high-brush AMOLED display, and 20 minutes fully charged 4600mAh high-capacity battery plus 9-layer circumferential cooling system.

What are the highlights of METAVERTUs appearance?

It adopts a 6.67-inch 3D ring-shaped curved screen, 72.5°, 3.6mm bending to obtain the best grip and a wider vision. And about the back cover, it is inlaid with sapphire crystal and ceramic material, combined with the classic V-shaped metal stripes. Moreover, METAVERTU carefully selects the world's top leather, the ingenious combination of metal and leather with a variety of colors to choose from. This Web3 phone will surely become the most luxurious fashion item of the year.

What is the price of the METAVERTU collection?

The Web3 phone METAVERTU prices range from £2,909 to £33,745, depending on the particular configuration. For example, the basic carbon fiber finish with 12G running memory and 512G internal storage costs £2,909. While the premium finish with an alligator leather rear panel and 18k gold&diamonds and powered by 18GB running memory + 1TB internal storage costs £33,745. It all depends on your needs and the level of luxury and exclusive experience you want to achieve. Get more info about METAVERU price and explore the brand new Web 3.0 journey.


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