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LVMH Jewelry Brands Ready for Battle

Bvlgari's foray into the fashion industry may be a misstep, but it reflects LVMH's true intention to establish dominance in the hard-luxury sector, an area in which it excels.

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The Jewelry Industry Breaks €1 billion: What Chess Game is Hermes Engaged In?

Hermès ramps up fine jewelry, essentially building an all-around lead in the high-end customer segment.

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Is AI bringing about a surge in joblessness or efficiency full circle?

Guess whether AI is pulling efficiency full circle or bringing a wave of unemployment?

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Why are High-end Brands Flooding the Real Estate Market?

The cost of tickets to prime neighbourhoods is increasing.

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Nvidia Is Aiming For Apple and Microsoft 

Nvidia's market capitalization once exceeded $2.3 trillion this year, second only to Microsoft and Apple. What exactly is Nvidia?

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Is Luxury Becoming Boring?

The 'new look' has never been a trendsetter. Its popularity is essentially a designer's response to the changing moods of society. Unfortunately, as we enter the new millennium, it seems challengin...

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Analysis of Jewelry Trends in 2024

Analysis of Jewelry Trends in 2024: Fashion brands seize high-end jewelry, Paris Olympic medals are created by LVMH, Minimalist jewelry is coming, Cuban chain trend revives, ect.

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The Rise of the World's New Richest Man

Arnault became the world's wealthiest by leveraging strategic moves in the luxury goods industry.  His success can be attributed to his ability, determination, and desire to succeed. He has acquire...

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Vacheron Constantin: Patrimony - A Timeless Chapter In the Flow of Time

The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Collection is a shining jewel in the world of Haute Horlogerie due to its unique design, exquisite craftsmanship, and profound cultural connotations. It weaves a t...

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5 Classic Mechanical Watches Recommendation

Mechanical watches are precision time recorders that have always captivated watch enthusiasts with their unique charm. They are not only symbols of time but also inheritances of taste and culture.

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Louis Vuitton x Architect Frank Gehry: Legendary Tambour Moonphase Flying Tourbillon Sapphire

Now, Louis Vuitton has collaborated with Frank Gehry to create the Tambour Moonphase Flying Tourbillon Sapphire, which combines architectural aesthetics with watchmaking expertise.

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The Post-€3 Billion Era of Prada

While the luxury industry has seen significant growth, only a few companies, such as Dior and Prada, have emerged as clear winners. Despite initial doubts about Prada's marketing strategy and produ...

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