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10 Auspicious Lunar New Year Gifts for Year of the Dragon

Written by: Vivian Shaw



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Even if you have never been to China, you definitely know the traditional Chinese New Year either from newspapers (you know, the dramatic Chinese vs. Korean Lunar New Year dispute!) or social media videos talking about the buzzing Chinatown, lion dances, dumpling making, and all kinds of Lunar New Year gifts.


You might be thinking: Why should I, as an English speaker, even care about Chinese Lunar New Year or Lunar New Year gifts?


Well, you have to admit that more and more people are joining in celebrating this cultural phenomenon that has crossed oceans and continents. Though it’s not a public holiday, some states, such as California and Washington, have passed legislation recognizing the cultural significance of the Lunar New Year. And recently, all public schools in New York have made the Asian Lunar New Year an acknowledged school holiday for the Year of the Dragon.


OK. No more chatting, and let's get to the point: What should you know and what are the best lunar new year gifts for your friends and family if you want to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year?

3 Things to Know About the 2024 Lunar New Year

If you are not Asian American but you want to get into this festival celebration, you might want to check out this part for the basics before you hunt for a gift for your friends or families.


1. When is the 2024 Lunar New Year: The Year of the Dragon?

Lunar New Year, or the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, means a new fresh start of a year in Asian culture, and in 2024, it officially begins on February 10th, 2024, as the beginning of the Year of the Dragon.


And in many countries, each year is associated with an animal from the zodiac. Usually, the animals are the same across different cultures, including China, South Korea, North Korea, Singapore, and Cambodia. However, something slightly different could be found in countries like Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand.

2. What Does the Dragon Zodiac Symbolize?

Different from western culture, the dragon represents good luck, ambition, strength, health, and also the male element Yang in Chinese culture. The dragon is unique, and it is the only mythical creature of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac. So, in the 2024 Lunar New Year, you can expect to see all kinds of dragon decorations everywhere, from vibrant parades to decorations on clothes and cosmetics to delicious pastries shaped like a dragon.

3. Most common Gift for Chinese Lunar New Year

Different from the past, when friends and families used to select various types of foods as gifts, Red envelopes (or red packets) have become a staple with the popularization of the Internet, Alipay, Wechat, etc. Both the paper red envelope and the digital red envelope are money gifts, and they have become one of the most accepted gifts. It seems to never go wrong as a gift for friends and families on different occasions.


10 Best Lunar New Year Gifts for the Dragon Year

What? You want to give some thoughtful and innovative gifts rather than a trouble-free red envelope? You've come to the right place!


This part will list 10 gifts, which cover all options ranging from cheap to expensive, no matter what your budget is. Whether you want to buy a lunar new year gift for a lady, like your wife, sister, or mother, or a gentleman, such as your father, brother, or kids, business partners, or friends, you will find an option that is unique based on your wallet.

1. đź‘Ť LEGO Lunar New Yea Kit (For Kids and Adults)

To celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Dragon, LEGO puts up its Spring Festival collections, which include family Reunion Celebration, Auspicious Dragon, Festival Calendar, etc., with costs ranging from $9.99 to $129.99 (it’s wallet-friendly). This will be one of the most popular gifts for both kids and adults in 2024.

lego lunar new year kit

2. 🌟 Dragon Bracelet (For Women )

You could find some bracelets with a cute lucky dragon shape. This is recommended because you could choose the material of the lucky dragon shape, like gold (for a store of value), or just alloy based on your budget. Females like your wife, sister, or mother would be into gifts like this, and its easy to find such a bracelet as a lunar new year gift on Amazon, Esty, Walmart, or luxury brands like Pandora.


dragon bracelet gift

3. 🔥VERTU Signature-S with Chinese dragon (For Men & Business partners)

For shoppers who have a more sufficient budget, VERTU Signature-S with Chinese dragon would be a really great lunar new year gift for your father, leader, or business partner. This pure gold phone with a leather cover was launched as a limited edition by the famous luxury phone manufacturer Vertu for the year of the Dragon, so it would be an exquisite gift option for the upcoming Chinese New Year.


4. CHANTECAILL Year of the Dragon Lip Chic Lipstick (For Women)

No woman could refuse to receive a new lipstick at the beginning of the year as a gift. Chantecaille is a French luxury brand that designed the Year of the Dragon Lip Chic with a beautiful red dragon totem to welcome the approaching new lunar year. It will cost you $52 if you want to buy it for your mother or wife, and it’s too popular to be out-of-stock when this post is published.

CHANTECAILL Year of the Dragon Lip Chic Lipstick

5. Lunar New Year Friendship Box: The Year of the Dragon (For Friends)

You might think the lunar new year is a time for family reunions, lavish feasts, and, of course, exchanging red envelopes filled with lucky money. But don't overlook the heartwarming tradition of gifting to friends. Therefore, the Lunar New Year friendship Box: The Year of the Dragon by Pearl River is highly recommended.


You know, friendship sometimes is not about the price tag or fashion. On the contrary, you need to prepare a Lunar New Year gift for your friend with more thoughts. So, pair your gift with a handwritten note expressing your well wishes for the New Year. It adds a personal touch that your friend will surely cherish.


Lunar New Year Friendship Box

6. Pottery Barn Lunar New Year Dragon Tableware (For Families)

As you can tell from the name of this gift option, this is a kit of china tableware, that is specially designed for the Lunar New Year's atmosphere in red with a carefully designed dragon totem in red. Just imagine that your loved ones or your family are sitting around using this set of tableware to have a feast. The scene is so lively and warm!

Pottery Barn Lunar New Year Dragon Tableware

7. Hennessy VSOP Lunar New Year 2024 Limited Edition (For Father & Friends)

A memorable day always comes with wine, which seems to be common sense in all cultures. So why not choose a bottle of cognac that is specially designed for the Lunar New Year in collaboration with a Chinese artist for 2024’s Year of the Dragon (plus, it costs you only $79)? It won't break your bank and is the perfect way to celebrate the New Year with your friends and family.

8. Lunar New Year Chocolate Collection by Venchi (For All People)

Chocolate is always a tradition in that it is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, making it a safe bet for anyone on your list. It's a delicious and indulgent treat that brings a smile to anyone's face. So the Lunar New Year Chocolate Collection by Venchi is recommended because it in one way promises the symbol of sweetness and celebration in the Year of Dragon and ensures taste and style in another way since Venchi is a luxury mid-range chocolate brand.

Lunar New Year Chocolate Collection by Venchi

9. Scizorito Chinese Gongfu Tea Set Gift Box (Anyone loves tea)

A tea set can also be wonderful as a New Year's gift for those who love tea and enjoy the tea culture. A tea set can be a symbol of peace and mindfulness and is more practical and lasting than other options like foods and drinks. And it might cost you from $100 to $400, depending on the materials and design of the tea set.


đź’ˇ However, you should be careful because this lunar new year gift is a little bit beyond the trend and personal, so it only fits those who are really into the tea culture.

Scizorito Chinese Gongfu Tea Set Gift Box

10. Tiffany Jewelry and Luxury Gifts for Chinese New Year

Or, you want to choose accessories as a lunar new year gift because they are more daily and practical. Then you can choose Tiffany Jewelry and Luxury Gifts for Chinese New Year, in that this luxury brand almost every New Year will prepare a New Year collection as a special offering for celebration. So if you want to prepare gifts for your mother or wife, who would need accessories and jewelry, usually choose Tiffany or any other luxury brand's rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Tiffany Jewelry and Luxury Gifts

Wrapping Up: Celebrate The Dragon new Year Beyond the Red Envelope


As the festive drums fade and the last dragon dances disappear, remember that Lunar New Year's magic lives on in the connections we forge. This list may have offered 10 inspiring ways to show you care, but the possibilities are as limitless as the stars. Whether you opt for a heartwarming homemade card for your grandma, a personalized phone case for your tech-savvy nephew, or a luxurious tea set for your tea-loving sister, choose a gift that reflects your genuine affection and understanding of their personality.


Remember, the spirit of Lunar New Year shines brightest in thoughtful gestures and shared experiences. So, get creative, ditch the generic red envelope, and embrace the spirit of giving. Cook traditional dishes together, join a festive lion dance workshop, or simply share a heartfelt laugh over steaming cups of tea.


May your Lunar New Year be filled with laughter, prosperity, and a bounty of joy—the kind that transcends price tags and intricate packaging. Let this be the year you discover that the most precious gifts are often the ones wrapped in love, laughter, and the warmth of togetherness.


Go ahead and choose the best lunar new year gift from the list now! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Lunar New Year!