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  • - In 2002, VERTU first launched the Signature to be the world’s first luxury phone brand.
  • - In 2010, VERTU first brought a British butler and boutique lifestyle as exclusive service.
  • - In 2022, VERTU Official launched the world’s first Web3.0 phone,METAVERTU.
Vertu Signature V- Diamond White Alligator
VERTU Metavertu Himalaya Alligator 18k Gold & Diamonds 5g Web3 Phone 18+1tb Rom And Ram
VERTU iVERTU 18K Gold Himalaya Alligator Leather
سمعة استثنائية للعلامة التجارية
VERTU, founded in 1998, is the only globally recognized luxury mobile phone brand which has a high market reputation without competitors.
سوق استهلاكي ضخم
A loyal customer base is available. And the Web3 phone has opened up a potentially fresh market.There’s no worry about customer acquisition.
برنامج دعم الامتياز الكبير
Investment Budget Plan
استراتيجية التسويق
خطة عرض الديكور
دعم العمليات
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تدريب الموظفين
كيفية الانضمام إلينا؟
VERTU's global expansion is ongoing and will continue to keep the brand in line to remain at the TOP
هل أنت مستعد لامتلاك حق امتياز VERTU؟
ANY QUESTION about VERTU franchise store or distributorship in your country, please fill out the contact form below or mail to distributor@vertu.com. We will get back to you with instructions.