1. What are the benefits of having a VERTU account?

Having a VERTU account gives helps you to:

• Manage & track your orders

• Check your order history

• Receive emails about exclusive offers and events at the first time.

2. How do I register?

Registering is easy; click Sign in . Fill in your first name, last name, email and choose a password. After that just click the ' Create ' button and you are good to go.


1. What are the features of VERTU phones?

VERTU phones are made of high-end materials such as gold, diamonds, and snakeskin, which make them look luxurious and high-end.

Additionally, VERTU's phones use the latest technology and hardware configurations such as high-definition screens, high-speed processors, and large memory, giving them excellent performance and user experience.

Furthermore, VERTU phones also come with unique features such as secure communication, global personal assistant service, global emergency rescue service, among others.

2. Are VERTU phones expensive?

Yes, VERTU phones are very expensive, typically costing several times more than a regular smartphone.

This is because VERTU's phones use high-end materials, the latest technology and craftsmanship, and provide high-quality after-sales service.

3. What colors are available for VERTU phones?

VERTU phones are available in multiple colors, including black, silver, gold, brown, red, and more. Additionally, VERTU also provides personalized customization services, allowing customers to customize colors and materials based on their requirements.

4. What operating systems are supported by VERTU phones?

VERTU phones use the Android operating system, with the version depending on the specific model. VERTU also provides security upgrade services for its phones to ensure the stability and security of the operating system.

5. What accessories are available for VERTU phones?

VERTU phone accessories include phone cases, headphones, chargers, data cables, and more. These accessories use the same high-end materials and craftsmanship as the phone, and are of excellent quality and performance.

6. What is the latest phone from VERTU?

The latest phone from VERTU, the METAVERTU, was officially released on October 24th, 2022, as the world's first web3 phone.

METAVERTU offers crucial communications privacy and protection for your digital assets, giving you peace of mind in a new internet era. It is the first smartphone built exclusively for Web3 and blockchain ecosystems.

As the first-ever innovation to tap Web3 and metaverse services into a mobile phone, METAVERTU allows users to switch between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 modes with a simple click.

7. What are the features of the Signature Tangka series?

The Signature Tangka series is the high-end luxury model of VERTU phones. Tangka is a scroll painting used for hanging and worship in Tibetan culture. VERTU integrates Tangka art into the classic Signature model, depicting sacred images of Buddha and deities such as Amitabha, Vairocana, and Yamantaka using natural materials such as pearls, agate, saffron, and indigo, supplemented by gold and silver pigments on the phone back cover.

It expresses a kind of visualization and spiritual sublimation, which is a precious intangible cultural heritage in the Chinese ethnic folk art. The design of the Signature Tangka series is exquisite, using hand-carving and gilding techniques, giving people a feeling of noble elegance.

8. What is the most expensive Vertu phone?

The most expensive Vertu phone is the Signature Cobra, priced at $418,000. The snake body is set with 439 rubies, and the snake eyes are two emeralds. In addition, there is a 1.02-carat and a 2.02-carat diamond on the snake body and head respectively. It is the most luxurious model in the Vertu phone series.


1. How do I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped out, you will receive an email with a tracking number. Or you can Contact Us , customer service will help you check.

2. Can I cancel or change my order?

Yes, but only if your order has not left our warehouse. We would be more than happy to help, please Contact Us immediately. However, once the order has shipped, we are unable to change or cancel your order.

3. Can I cancel my order after I receive the goods?

Yes, we have a 7-day return policy. You can try it out after receiving the products. If you are unhappy, you can contact us to return the goods, but the customer is responsible for the logistics fees.


1. What types of payments do you accept?

We have two payment methods: PayPal and Credit Card Payments. Some countries can also use Klarna in PingPong for installment payments(US, UK, DE, ES, IT, NL, AT, BE, CH, SE, FI, NO, DK). Click HERE to learn more details about payment policy.

2. Which currencies do you support?

The prices on our website are in US dollars by default.

3. How to use a coupon or promo code?

If you have a discount code from our customer service or received one from our emails. You can enter the code when you checkout.Note: You can only use one discount or promo code at a time.


1. What shipping methods are available?

We provide worldwide shipping services. Paid Fast Shipping DHL delivers within 5-7 working days and costs $99; Free Express (UPS/ FedEx) delivery within 10-15 working days.

2. How long will it take to receive my order?

We ship within 5-15 business days depends on your location. Please check our Shipping Page to see how many days it takes for your items to be delivered.

3. How do I change my address once an order has been placed?

Please Contact Us immediately to change your address before the shipment. Once the items are shipped, the address cannot be changed.

4. Do I need to pay any import tax?

Customs policies and import duties depend on the local policies of the country. We generally declare a lower price for customers in need, usually $700, so that you can pay lower tariffs.

5. Do I need to provide any information to pass the customs?

When the goods need to go through customs, VERTU Customer Service will contact you through WhatsApp or Email.

Because the local customs officers need to check your identity information, and the customer needs to provide us with a passport or driver's licence photo. We promise to keep your information confidential, and you can also block some information that is inconvenient to display. We look forward to your further reply.

6. Where do you ship your product from?

VERTU phones are handcrafted by UK artisans and we have warehouses all over the world. We delivered to you at the warehouse closest to you.


1. What is your return and refund policy?

Online purchases (Final sale items and gifts excluded) made through VERTU are valid for exchange and return within 30 days from the date you've received all your item(s). All return/exchanged items must be returned unworn, undamaged, in re-sellable condition, and in their original packaging. Click HERE to learn more details about the return and refund policy.

2. Do I need to pay the return shipping costs?

If it is a quality problem or you receive the wrong products, VERTU will take charge of the return shipping fee. If customers do not like the product after receiving it or for other personal reasons, the shipping fee needs to be borne by them.