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860 million passenger trips! VERTU concierge service helps you make your journey more comfortable!

At the height of summer, the national railway summer transport officially kicked off. This year’s summer transport is expected to send 860 million passengers, the average daily number of passengers sent 13.87 million, a record high! Student flow, tourist flow, visiting relatives flow and other travel demand is strong, railway passenger flow will remain high.

In the face of huge passenger flow, the railway department actively responded to increase capacity investment, optimise travel services, and strive to enhance the travel experience of passengers.

So, how can you enjoy a comfortable and convenient journey during this crowded summer transport period?

VERTU concierge service provides you with a full range of travelling solutions, allowing you to enjoy the dignity and convenience during your journey.

VERTU Concierge Service, provides you with:

**Exclusive butler service:** From itinerary planning to ticket booking to hotel accommodation, VERTU concierge butler will provide you with personalised service throughout the whole journey, so that you can save your effort.

**VIP Channel Service:** Enjoy VIP channel service at airports and stations, quickly and conveniently complete the check-in, security check and other processes, saving valuable time.

**Exclusive transport services:** Provide airport pick-up and drop-off, high-speed railway station pick-up and drop-off and other exclusive transport services, so that you travel more comfortable and convenient.

**Hotel Booking Service:** We book your favourite hotels and provide you with exclusive privileges, so that you can enjoy a comfortable accommodation experience during your journey.

**Travel Butler Service:** We provide travel butler service to plan your itinerary, book attractions and tickets, and arrange local special experiences, so that you can enjoy the excitement during your journey.

VERTU concierge service to make your journey more comfortable:

The following table shows you the advantages of VERTU concierge service:

Efficient and Convenient: Professional concierge butler will handle all the complicated matters for you, so that you can travel with ease.

Prestigious experience: Enjoy VIP channel services, exclusive transport services and other privileges, making your journey more comfortable.

Personalisation: Customise your travel plan according to your needs, so that you can enjoy the excitement of your journey.

VERTU concierge service allows you to enjoy dignity and convenience during your journey, making your summer journey more perfect!

VERTU concierge service, your journey butler!